What is enamelled wire?

The conductor is coated with a corresponding paint solution, then evaporated by solvent, solidified and cooled by the paint film. Enamelled wire can be divided into polyester enameled wire, polyester imide enameled wire, polyamide imide enameled wire, polyimide enameled wire, polyester imide/polyamide imide enameled wire, corona resistant enameled wire, as well as oily paint, acetal paint, polyurethane enameled wire, and so on. Sometimes they are also classified according to their specific uses, such as self-adhesive enameled wire, refrigerant resistant enameled wire, and so on.

Early enameled wires were oily, made from tung oil, etc. Its paint film has poor abrasion resistance and cannot be directly used for manufacturing motor coils and windings. When used, a cotton yarn wrapping layer needs to be added. Later, polyvinyl formal enamelled wire was introduced, and its mechanical properties were greatly improved. It can be directly used for motor windings, and is known as high-strength enamelled wire.

With the development of weak current technology, self-adhesive enameled wires have emerged, which can obtain coils with good integrity without impregnation or baking. However, its mechanical strength is poor, and it can only be used in micro and special motors and small motors. In addition, in order to avoid the trouble of removing the paint film first during welding, a direct solderable enameled wire has been developed, whose paint film can fall off automatically in a high-temperature tinned bath, making it easy to weld the copper wire.

Due to the increasingly wide application and strict requirements of enameled wire, composite enameled wire has also been developed. The inner and outer paint films are composed of different polymeric materials, such as polyester imide/polyamide imide enamelled wires.

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The principle of supercapacitors

Electric double layer capacitor is a new type of capacitor based on the interface double layer theory proposed by physicist Helmholtz. It is well known that excess charges with opposite symbols appear on the surface of metal electrodes inserted into electrolyte solutions and on both sides of the liquid surface, resulting in potential differences between phases.

Test methods for fixed capacitors

1. Detection of small capacitors below 10pF: Because the capacity of fixed capacitors below 10pF is too small, using a multimeter to measure can only qualitatively check whether there is leakage, internal short circuit, or breakdown. When measuring, a multimeter R can be selected × At 10k gear, use two probes to arbitrarily connect the two pins of the capacitor, and the resistance value should be always high. If the measured resistance value (pointer swinging to the right) is zero, it indicates that the capacitor is damaged due to leakage or internal breakdown.

What are the classifications of capacitors?

According to analysis and statistics, capacitors are mainly divided into the following 10 categories: 1. According to structure, they are divided into three categories: fixed capacitors, variable capacitors, and fine tuning capacitors. 2. Classification by dielectric: organic dielectric capacitor, inorganic dielectric capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, electrothermal capacitor, air dielectric capacitor, etc.

Function of capacitor

In a DC circuit, a capacitor is equivalent to an open circuit. A capacitor is a device that can store electric charges and is also one of the commonly used electronic components.