The "smart hub" of Chongqing's smart city has been completed and put into operation. 42 systems in the city have been connected

On August 20th, the inauguration ceremony for the completion and operation of the Chongqing New Smart City Operation Management Center was held. As a fundamental, pivotal, and intensive project for the construction of Chongqing's new smart city, 120 systems will be connected this year, achieving "one network unified management", "one network accessible management", "one network adjustment", and "one network governance", which will effectively assist the construction of Chongqing's smart city.

Chongqing's "Smart City" has a "Smart Hub"

The relevant person in charge of Chongqing Big Data Development Bureau stated that the Chongqing New Smart City Operation Management Center (hereinafter referred to as "Operation Management Center") is a fundamental, pivotal, and intensive project for the construction of Chongqing's new smart city. It is not only the "smart center" of the smart city, but also the core carrier for the role of "cloud governance", with the specific function of "three centers and one platform".

The data resource center focuses on "convergence and generalization", high-quality aggregation of various government data resources, and in-depth mining of data value; The monitoring and early warning center, relying on efficient management of business systems and data resource correlation analysis, realizes situational awareness, monitoring and analysis of urban operations, as well as prediction and early warning; The dispatch and command center realizes the supervision and dispatch of daily work, emergency response and dispatch of urban emergencies, and dispatch and command of cross level, cross department, and cross business application scenarios by establishing a collaborative command and transfer linkage mode. "One platform", which is a comprehensive enabling platform, provides common technology, business collaboration, integrated applications, safe operation, and other service support guarantees for various types of applications in the "three prongs and five spans".

42 systems in the city have been connected to the "intelligent hub"

Yan Zhiqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Digital Chongqing Company, introduced that the construction of the Operation Management Center started in March this year. This year, the Operation Management Center plans to access 120 systems. Currently, it has been among the first to access 42 systems in 21 departments, districts, counties, and units, including the General Office of the Municipal Government, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, the Municipal Health Commission, and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, completing 35% of the access plan. It involves application systems in different fields such as online management, online services, online formats, and "small incision, large livelihood".

At the same time, focusing on the needs of livelihood services, urban governance, government management, industrial integration, and ecological and livable development, the first batch of 17 application scenarios were created, including Chongqing Express Office, ecological environment, health care, targeted poverty alleviation, China Singapore International Internet data dedicated channel, 5G scale networking, public security intelligence, urban transportation, Chongqing Express, Chongqing Health Code, smart weather, and video scheduling.

"These scenarios are all created around the most concerned and urgent needs of citizens, and have played an important role." According to the relevant person in charge of Chongqing Big Data Development Bureau, at present, the electronic licenses of the government service platform of Chongqing Express Office have increased from 4 categories to 12 categories, with more than 12 million users; The registered users of the Chongqing KuaiRong platform exceeded 220000, and the financing exceeded 19.3 billion yuan; Scenarios such as Chongqing Express, community governance intelligent grid co governance platform, and smart parking have been continuously promoted; The big data platform for targeted poverty alleviation has been completed and put into use, with over 270000 users, over 35.2 million usage times, and 50000 daily active App users. In the construction of a new smart city, Chongqing has synchronously promoted the construction of a smart weather "four-day" system based on Tianshu, intelligent detection, talent, intelligent forecasting, knowing the sky, intelligent service, defending the sky and intelligent disaster prevention, which has played an important role in 11 rainstorm weather processes and transit flood services since the main flood season this year.

Chongqing has a cloud access rate of 85.7%, ranking among the top in the country

Yang Fan, Deputy Director of Chongqing Big Data Development Bureau, said that since the comprehensive implementation of the "cloud leader system" in July 2019, the work of "managing cloud, managing data, and using data" has been steadily advancing, and significant results have been achieved. Now, the digital Chongqing cloud platform has been initially built, forming a cloud service system of "one cloud bearing" for government affairs cloud. We have promoted the migration of 1942 information systems to the cloud, and the cloud coverage rate has increased from 27.8% in 2018 to 85.7% last year, ranking among the top in the country. 76 departments in the city (70 of them have shared responsibilities), 38 districts and counties, Liangjiang New Area, and Wansheng Economic Development Zone have all been connected to the sharing system, taking the lead in establishing a "national city district county" three-level data sharing system in the country. Implement the three-list system of "catalog list+demand list+responsibility list", complete the centralized storage of data resource pools in 31 departments, and aggregate 1929 types of data resources, with a centralized storage rate of 58.30%. By the end of July 2020, the city's cumulative data transfer volume had exceeded 8.67 billion pieces, an increase of 147.7% compared to the cumulative data transfer volume of 3.5 billion pieces in 2018, ranking at the top middle level in the country.

In order to further accelerate the construction of Chongqing's smart city, Yang Fan said that in the next step, the Operation Management Center will give full play to the dispatching and commanding role, accelerate the improvement of the "cloud management, data management, and utilization" system mechanism, establish complete support systems such as data, platforms, and capabilities, and fully promote the migration to the cloud "as soon as possible", system integration "as soon as possible", system access "as soon as possible", and data aggregation "as soon as possible" Capacity sharing "should be enjoyed to the fullest", building the operation management center into a citywide "cloud leader system" and "new smart city construction" work command and scheduling center, comprehensively realizing "one network management" for urban operations, "one network management" for government services, "one network scheduling" for emergency management, and "one network governance" for grassroots services.

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The "smart hub" of Chongqing's smart city has been completed and put into operation. 42 systems in the city have been connected

On August 20th, the inauguration ceremony for the completion and operation of the Chongqing New Smart City Operation Management Center was held as a fundamental, pivotal, and intensive project for the construction of Chongqing's new smart city

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